Illustration von einem weißen Mädchen auf einem Roller und einem Jungen of Color auf einem Fahrrad

Cycle joyfully and savely to school! – The Bicibus-Movement

In this talk, we focused on the international “bicibus” movement. A bicibus is akin to a bicycle bus for school commutes as a save way for children for cycling to school and has become an integral part of local transportation systems in numerous cities worldwide in recent years. We collaborated with discussion partners from Portugal, Spain, Germany and Austria to provide an overview of the bicibus concept’s evolution, discuss key factors for successful implementation, and examine the impact on children and their families, schools, and local transportation networks. We showcased short films featuring various bicibus initiatives, where children and organisers will share their experiences and illustrated what it’s like to travel with a bicibus.

Thank you to all our guests: Luis Vieira (Bicicultura, Portugal), Gemma Simón Mas (UAB Barcelona, Spain), Philipp Schober (Radlobby Österreich, Austria), Simone Feigl (Radlobby ARGUS Steiermark, Austria), Simone Markl (BiciBus Deutschland, Germany)!

Katja Hausleitner (Kinderbüro – Die Lobby für Menschen bis 14) hosted this talk on 22.11.2023.